Portrait of a horseman


PHILLIPE Christian was born in Bordeaux in 1949 of a father painter.

From an early age he was attracted by horses. "White crin" and "Flika" are present in his childhood. His taste for the equestrian field, leads him, naturally to the job.

He climbed the ranks of riding, starting horseriding, on the eve of his 10 years.

At 17 years, the second degree in his pocket, he returned as an apprentice at the double champion France equestrian competitions, Michel Raoul-Duval.

Earlier in this activity, we need to prove himself. Christian does not move back to the effort to succeed. His boss was a good teatcher and a horseman.

Thanks to his philosophy on the team plane, Christian turns gradually.

He learns to reflect, not ten steps when you just can do one. Predicting its actions, either with students or with horses.

With horse, happiness does not come from a particular quality of the proposed animal, but rather in finding osmosis.

With the small baggage that Christian acquire over the years, he feels the urge to share his experiences. The vocation of teaching seems to inhabit our intern.

A 19-year instructor, 22 years instructorat.

If two good horses had not met Christian, our instructor would probably never have a career as a competitor in jumping.

This discipline will be held 20 years of his life.

Turning on some results, but it will have grown in the sport.

While he walks competitive from Lille to Poitiers, he continues to think about solutions to improve his riding.

It creates a caliper that bears his name.

Frederic Butet, the famous saddlemaker, help him to manufacture the product.

The years go by, which leads our instructo-rider, was more and more interested in the development of his team.

Today, he runs an establishment of 60 horses. They practice a recreational riding on horseback or pony, riding as a more elaborate to sit "or" gallops to compete.