A saddle designed by Christian PHILLIPE

An educational interest

This saddle version duo, offers the possibility of learning in pleasures of the equitation of leisure, or sport, in safety.

The acquired experience til now on two years makes us notice that the pupils progresses faster.

The "coach" or the confirmed rider, is behind the pupil.

Which teacher, did not dream one day he could rise behind his pupil, to make him feel the various equestrian events.

It is the saddle intended for all the public that will allow to begin or to perfect. Towards the statistics, large numbers of people do not dare to rise because of the fear. The coaching saddle a simple and effective concept to welcome, two persons on an adapted horse.


The coaching saddle

The concept is simple, a saddle, which can accommodate two persons, on the same horse.











The mentor is placed behind the pupil to control the action. A seat for the entire public.

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