The two-seater saddle


During fifteen years PHILLIPE Christian was part of the team organizing the famous "Raid Gauloises." of the equestrian part. It was necessary to find horses to rent in countries as Argentina, Lesotho etc…

He travels throughout the world. The forums are exciting. Whether with the natives or with the heads of sports activities.

That's how he jumps into free fall in tandem, he comes down rapids in a canoe, again in tandem, he explores the most beautiful caves in caving in Borneo etc...

He was able to touch everything, thanks to the competence of professionals.


Thus, the idea of a saddle to help a newcomer to ride in the immediate pleasure, came to him. After all, an animal a little strong can wear two jumpers smoothly. We see it already in the ferias, when the "Guardian" takes its wife.

Encouraged by professionals, he decided to embark on the manufacture and distribution of equipment, which can help teachers in their work so hard to learn to their students.

With more than two years of experience in the use of the "saddle riding in tandem." There are no more hesitation: it is apparently a key tool. Its name: "Coaching" or "Coaching saddle."